About Me

Are you filing your patent for protection throughout Europe or worldwide, and need a translation of your specification from German or French into English? I have the experience, language skills and meticulous research skills required to provide you with a clear and well-written English translation of your patent that is fit for purpose.

Additionally, if you are faced with the challenge of dealing with patent litigation in another language, I can translate patent-related documents and correspondence to provide you with a clear understanding of any case and help you gain the upper hand.

I am Connie Hill-Turner, a professional patent translator from German and French into British English with over 5 years’ experience.

I specialise in translating specifications from:

  • the automotive industry and
  • the aerospace industry.

One of my personal interests is specialty/third-wave coffee. If you work in the coffee industry, my thorough knowledge of this field and my language skills can help you attract new, international customers by making your website or content accessible to people who do not speak your language.

Why not get in touch by email or telephone (see contact information below) and see how I can help you reach your goals?